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Featured Projects

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  • Universal Studios:
    Universal Studios Landmark! The logo was Ti -Gold PVD Coated and is still shining as brightly as ever under the harsh sunlight and humidity.
  • Lift:
    Ti-Gold PVD Coating used to provide a luxurious finish to hotel appliances.
  • Tools:
    Looking to increase the performance of your tools? TiN PVD Hard coating was used to enhance the durability of this end mill.
  • Burberry Counter
    A breakthrough in PVD coating after a year of research: Ti-Black PVD Coating for Burberry boutiques, cosmetic and perfume counters in shopping malls in Malaysia, Singapore and Dubai
  • Tools:
    TiCN or AlTiN PVD Hard Coating can be used to increase the life span of gears.
  • Accessories:
    Refurbishment of used accessories with a selection of PVD coating colours…makes the product as good as new!
  • Spiral Staircase:
    A spiral staircase looking elegant with a Ti-Gold PVD coated rail.
  • Automotive Accessories:
    An eye catching rainbow colour coated manifold & exhaust pipe.
  • Plating:
    Immaculate finishing of Ti-Gold PVD coated plates for interior and exterior usage.